Swiss Aeropress Championship & Swiss Moka Challenge 2023

Poster Design

Hosted during the Swiss Coffee Connection, coffee festival in September 2023 in Lausanne, the 2023 Swiss AeroPress Championship and the Swiss Moka Challenge are 2 coffee making competitions. I designed the poster for the two events, taking inspiration from these slow coffee-making methods, by depicting coffee making on a camping trip in the Swiss mountains. The backdrop of the Swiss Aeropress Championship poster is the Aletsch Glacier while the Matterhorn appears behind the Moka pot.

A poster, banner and roll-up featuring the sponsors were made for the two events.

Affiches Swiss Aeropress Championship et Swiss Moka Challenge 2023


Poster Swiss Aeropress Championship 2023
Poster Swiss Moka Challenge 2023


Banner Swiss Moka Challenge 2023
Banner Swiss Aeropress Championship 2023